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Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

We manufacture Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers that allow operation over a wide range of temperatures and pressures. These are commonly used in the petrochemical industry and power industry. These have a cylindrical shell, in which a series of tubes are mounted. The two medias / fluids exchange heat among themselves as one of the liquid flows through the tubes whereas the other one flows over the outer surface of tubes. The direction of flow can be parallel or cross/counter flow type whereas the fluids can be present either in single phase or two phase.

Main parts of shell and tube exchanger
  • Front Header / Stationary Header: From here, the entry of fluids is done into the equipment's tube side.
  • Rear Header: The previously entered fluid exit from this part. It is also possible that this fluid is returned to stationary header with multiple passes on the tube side
  • Tube Bundle: It is pivotal in keeping the bundle together. It includes tube, baffles, tube sheets
  • Shell: To contain the aforementioned bundle